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Electrosoft - Free software for data analysis Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Solar Irradiance

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No credit card or contact details required for download. Sample files are included in the download that allow you to run reports to see the quality of data analysis available throughout our portable data logger range.


The software allows you to graph and export data files as well as plot energy costs and saving using voltage optimisation techniques.

  • Sets-up loggers for recording.
  • Plots voltage & current graphs.
  • Plots energy & power graphs.
  • Extrapolates CO2 usage.
  • Database to track logger location.
  • Alarms for late returns.
  • Prints report quality graphs.
  • Languages: En, Es, Fr, Hr, Cz, Fi, De, It, Po, Pt, Se.
  • Database can be used across a network.
  • Prints User Instructions.
  • Plot multiple graphs on a single axes.
  • View Voltage Optimisation business case.
  • Email data files.
  • Voltage unbalance calculation.
  • Draw Electrical Line Diagrams.
  • Manage logger calibration dates.
  • NEC 180 min/min calculations.
  • Print previews & output to PDF, RTF, XLS, HTML etc.

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