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Portable Data Logger - Electrocorder

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  • Power Loggers

    A range of Low Cost Voltage, Current and Energy Recorders allows users to check loading and voltage performance, as well as Power and Energy surveys. A great replacement for a Hawk 5000 Meter.

  • Voltage Loggers

    Voltage Optimisation & Voltage Stablisation have become popular; the Electrocorder range of single & three phase Voltage portable data loggers are extensively used in this area.

  • Current Loggers

    Single and Three Phase Load Survey Data Loggers. Portable equipment to check single phase and three phase circuit and transformer loading.

  • Renewable Energy Loggers

    Data Loggers measure AC & DC circuits for Renewable Energy installations. Record directional flow of current, determine patterns when your system is importing or exporting to the grid.

  • Temperature Loggers

    A range of PC based Temperature Data Loggers for education, research and industry.

  • Accessories

    Accessories for the Electrocorder Range. Replacement cables, cases, sensors and much more. When you purchase an Electrocorder it comes as a complete kit, software included.

  • Calibration
  • Ex-Warranty Repair

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