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Live Alarm

Item Order Code Description Preview
Live Alarm 5060-D 5060-D

50 and 60 Hz AC Distribution power systems
(Typically 11 - 132 kV)

Live Alarm 5060-D
Live Alarm 5060-T 5060-T

50 and 60 Hz AC Transmission power systems
(Typically 132 - 400 kV)

Live Alarm 5060-T
Live Alarm 1625-R 1625-R

16.6 and 25 Hz AC Rail power systems
(Typically 15 kV)

Live Alarm 1625-R

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Detects the presence of potentially lethal voltages thus provides additional protection against injury from electric shock.  Designed and built in the UK, the Live Alarm was developed as a direct response to a specific need within the electrical power industry. It provides a safety warning aid for all personnel working on equipment which they believe to be dead, but which may inadvertently remain or become live. The Live Alarm is designed to be used in environments where there is not normally any other source of voltage.

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