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Portable Data Logger - Electrocorder

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LS-1V - LS-1V
LS-1V Interruption Voltage Logger
Available Plug Types
Interruption Logger Carry Case
Electrosoft LS-1V Analysis
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The LS-1V is a single-phase voltage interruption data logger.  Setup the Logger using the Electrosoft software, then simply plug into a mains socket.

This logger can be installed by anyone when fitted with a plug!  Once you're set up, just turn on the voltage supply/socket and it'll start logging.  The onboard indicator will flash Green when logging.

When the logger's finished recording (or you've captured enough data!) just disconnect from supply, hook it up to your PC and download the information.  Electrosoft will let you view the data immediately on-screen and save or export for later analysis.

The LS-1V is used to track long-term power supply interruptions or voltage on/off cycles in equipment, for example motor (compressor) duty cycles. This product records the dates and times of supply voltage being above (on) or below (off) a user set threshold voltage which is user defined.

Kit includes data logger, Electrosoft software, serial lead & user instructions.

Single Phase Voltage Interruption Logger Datasheet Datasheet
Single Phase Voltage Interruption Logger User Instructions User Instructions (English)


Determining product order codes:
To specify your Electrocorder select various codes and enter into the boxes in order to create an accurate product code. For example: LS-1V-5H-UK-IP65-KIT.
Single Phase Voltage Interruption Data Logger Order Codes 

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