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Temperature Loggers

Models Temperature Inputs Logic Inputs Applications Comms Preview
DS-108 8 x Digital probes, -55°C to +125°C 8 x digital logic inputs (0 to +30Vdc) Laboratory, research, renewable energy. USB DS-108

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Introducing our PC based Temperature Loggers.

With 8 digital inputs and 8 digital (logic) inputs you can monitor temperatures and the logic status (on/off, open/closed) of items of equipment as well as the critical temperatures.

Setting up our Temperature Dataloggers is easy, locate the number of probes on the equipment to be monitored, plug each into the datalogger, connect the logic inputs to the rear of the datalogger, the digital inputs accepts +2V to +30Vdc as a logic 1, voltages below +2V are considered logic 0.

Connect the USB lead to the PC and open the software. The datalogger is powered from the PC USB port, so a separate power supply is not necessary.

In the software set the sampling period. Note, the datalogger send all temperatures and digital input statuses to the PC every second, setting the sampling period does not vary this, it does however let you save the data less frequently, for example every 30 seconds, Settable from 1 second to 60 seconds or 1 minute to 60 minutes.

Once set the software will start to display and save the data from the datalogger. You can choose to view a dashboard with alarm levels set and shown or you can view a graph of the temperatures and digital inputs.

Some real-life examples of use of the PC based Temperature Logger and Monitors:-

Temperature profile of a commercial refrigerator was monitored, the internal temperature was correlated to the external ambient temperature, compressor activity, door open/closed and fan activity.

A renewable energy home heating system was monitored, temperatures of the hot water storage tank, boiler, feed and return pipes were correlated to the heating demand, boiler activity, and various valve positions (open/closed).

A battery charging system was monitored, temperature of battery packs, charger and ambient temperature, also recorded was the charge status (charging or not) as well as current demand, battery delivering power or not.

New underfloor heating system, a DS-108 was used to monitor temperatures of, home floor, walls, ambient, whether or not heat demand was on/off as well as valve position (open/closed).

Engine testbed, used to monitor engine, air and coolant temperatures, digital inputs used to log fan on/off and ram air on/off.

Energy Loggers made in the UK

Temperature Brochure

Temperature Logger Brochure

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