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Changing the Battery or Batteries

Electrocorders use alkaline primary cells, generally IEC size code ‘6LR61’ (9V Alkaline) also known as ‘E’ or IEC size code ‘LR14’ (1.5V Alkaline) also known as ‘C’. Please refer to your user instructions for exact sizes to use in your logger.  For logger that have no retaining mechanism other than the battery holder itself, we recommend the use of cable-ties (tie-wraps) to hold the batteries in place. 

To change the batteries, first ensure the logger is not connected to voltage or the PC, then using a large flat-faced screw driver remove the four screw covers on the rear of the product

Changing the Battery or Batteries

Insert the end of the driver between the cover and the side of the case, then gently twist, the cover will pop up.

Changing the Battery or Batteries

Using a small posi-driv remove the four screws, when all four are fully removed open the case carefully. Note in some IP65 sealed models of the EC-6AV and EC-7VAR you may have to loosen the sealing nut on the cable gland for the voltage leads (NOT those on the current sensors), and allow the four voltage input cables to move freely.

Changing the Battery or Batteries

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