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Electrocorder IP65 Models - Outdoor Use (pole mount and/or suspension)

IP65 is not fully rainproof and loggers sealed to IP65 should not be fully exposed to the elements where possible!

When using any IP65 models in exposed outdoor locations you must ensure that the unit is contained in a waterproof polythene bag! The opening in the bag must be closed tightly with a cable-tie (tie-wrap) or similar. The lead should also be tied back (with another cable-tie) such that the opening in the bag is facing downwards, so that water ingress is minimised.

The communications connector (socket) is also sealed to IP65, where water does get into the outer area of it, you may simply blow this water away and allow the connector to dry.

Electrocorder IP65 Models - Outdoor Use (pole mount and/or suspension)

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