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Video Tutorials

Electrosoft Videos

Electrosoft - Installation from Web
Downloading Electrosoft from the website, installation and configuration.
Electrosoft - Registration
Register Electrosoft on the Electrocorder website.
Electrosoft - Analysis Overview
Overview of the functionality of the Electrosoft software for Acksen data loggers.
Electrosoft - Basic Operation
Covering basic operation of the Electrocorder, from Setup and viewing the Database to reading logged data from the Electrocorder and Saving, Opening and Sharing Data Files.
Electrosoft - Data Recovery
If your Electrocorder has been reset (fitted with new batteries or has been mishandled in transport), you may need to carry out a Data Recovery operation to allow download of the existing data held in the non-volatile memory.
Electrosoft - Automatic COM Port Wizard
Use the Automatic COM Port Wizard to find which Port your Electrocorder is using.

Electrocorder Videos

Calibrate an EC-1V Electrocorder
Calibrate an EC-1V Electrocorder to 230Vac, 50Hz using Electrosoft 2013.
Connect an Electrocorder to a PC
Connect an Electrocorder to a PC for set up then reading data back after recording.
Electrocorder AL-2VA

Use an AL-2VA to record a solar water heater pump's activity or any domestic or light commercial appliance.

Electrocorder EC-1V
Using an Electrocorder EC-1V to record voltage, extensively used for Voltage Optimisation and Voltage supply faults.
Electrocorder EC-3CT
Using the Electrocorder EC-3CT to record domestic energy, load survey.

Archived Videos

Electrosoft - Setup Logger
Setup an Electrocorder for data logging.
Electrosoft - Registration
Register Electrosoft on the website.
Electrosoft - Read Logger (LS-1V)
Read the data logged from a LS-1V Interruption data logger.
Electrosoft - Read Logger (EC-6VA)
Read the data logged from an EC-6VA Electrocorder. (The EC-6VA has now been replaced with the EC-7VAR. This new data logger now includes functions to record Power Factor).
Electrosoft - Read Logger (EC-3CT)
Read the data logged from an EC-3CT Electrocorder.

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